Stardog Voicebox is the world’s first hallucination-free AI Data Assistant.

Anyone can ask any question about any data and get a timely, accurate, explainable answer.

Enterprises with Voicebox empower every knowledge worker with data and AI.


Until now, deep insights have been limited by costs, technology, and lack of data skills.

The It Problem:

Data is fragmented.

Data is connected based on its storage location rather than its business context.

The Business Problem:

Knowledge workers cannot directly access the data they need to uncover deep and often hidden insights.

Data lacks meaning because it lacks context.

With Voicebox, everyone has the data they need to make great decisions without learning any new skills.

Here’s what people are asking:

Which customers have been taxed exactly $0 for the address that they own?

There are two customers who have been taxed exactly $0 for the address that they own: Mara Archer and Boris Powell.

By bank, how much in total claims are against homes that are financed.

There are three banks that have total claims against homes financed by them: Federal Home Loan Mortage Corporation, Spring Valley Branch United Bank, and Ellington Branch United Bank

Who are the top 5 customers across all subsidiaries that signed up for rewards accounts in December 2023?

The top 5 customers that signed up for rewards accounts in December 2023 are:

Isaac Popping
Taylor O’neil
Rob Goldfarb
Ryan Billings
Jenifer Smyth

What will you ask?

Voicebox gives timely, accurate, explainable answers without hallucinations.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Able to connect any enterprise data based on its business meaning


Conversational AI

Uses Generative AI to provide universal data access to knowledge workers to answer questions and create both insight and foresight


Stardog Voicebox

An LLM-powered UX that allows any knowledge worker to chat with any enterprise data to discover hidden connections that are accurate, timely, secure and hallucination free

Have a conversation with your data
for as low as $39/month per user.

On-prem, in the cloud, or both – query all your data from everywhere in a single chatbox.

Get accurate answers every time. Voicebox uses only your data for explainable, immediate insights.

Gain up to 95% efficiency. Anyone can ask business questions at any time.

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